Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Volume / Cubic Meter (m3) Calculator for Freight Shipping

When you need to send goods overseas using ocean freight, and the shipment is not large enough to fill a standard container (20 ft or a 40 ft container), you will need to calculate your shipping rates based on Cubic Meter (m3) because it is a LCL shipment (Less than container load).

Typically LCL ocean freight rates are calculated BY VOLUME (per cubic meter/cubic foot) not by weight. The volume in cubic meters of a 20 ft container is approximately 33 Cubic Meters with practical loading of about 28 m3. The volume in cubic meters of a 40 ft container is approximately 66 Cubic Meters with practical loading of about 56 m3. This volume calculator is a simple and easy way to calculate your m3. Please click on the Volume Calculator image.


For example, if your shipment contains 10 small boxes, 20 medium boxes, and 15 large boxes, you can calculate the m3 using this calculator.

10 x Small Boxes 36.5cm (W) x 47.5cm (L) x 33.5cm (H)

20 x Medium Boxes 41.9cm (W) x 53.7cm (L) x 33.0cm (H)

15 x Large Boxes 31.0cm (W) x 47.0cm (L) x 58.0cm (H)



Note: We’re not shipping experts. Here are just some tips to share since we’re selling boxes.

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